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Course Name Sign-up Playdate CostM Def. Tee W Def. Tee More teesSpecial Event Comments Zelle®
Wolf Run
Reno, NV
May 11 Jun 01 $95 White
(S-122 CR-67.3)
Silver W
(S-124 CR-69)
(Blue S-126 CR-69.9)
(Black S-130 CR-72.6)
(Silver M S-110 CR-63.5)
Reno/Tahoe 2-Day Tournament - Extra $100 2-Day prize fund
Reno, NV
May 11 Jun 02 $100 Lakeridge(Green)-M
(S-128 CR-69)
(S-121 CR-67)
(Jones(Gold)-M S-135 CR-72)
(Manna(Gray)-M S-119 CR-66.2)
(Lakeridge(Green)-F S-137 CR-73.9)
(Manna(Gray)-F S-127 CR-68.8)
(Nevada(Red)-M S-112 CR-64.6)
Reno/Tahoe 2-Day Tournament - Extra $100 2-Day prize fund
Boundary Oak
Walnut Creek, CA
May 30 Jun 15 $77 White-M
(S-127 CR-70.9)
(S-122 CR-73.3)
(Blue-M S-130 CR-72.2)
(Black-M S-134 CR-73.8)
(White-F S-130 CR-76.8)
(Gold-M S-123 CR-67.7)
Back in Walnut Creek
Callippe Preserve
Pleasanton, CA
Jun 13 Jun 29 $96 White-M
(S-124 CR-69.7)
(S-131 CR-72.8)
(Blue-M S-129 CR-71.5)
(Black-M S-136 CR-73)
(Red-F S-118 CR-68.9)
(Yellow-Red-F S-124 CR-71.1)
(Yellow-M S-118 CR-67.9)
(Red-M S-109 CR-64.2)
Pajaro Valley
Royal Oaks, CA
Jun 27 Jul 13 $70 White
(S-117 CR-69.2)
(S-121 CR-72.7)
(Blue S-121 CR-70.2)
(White W S-125 CR-74.4)
Carts are $25 per person
Coyote Creek Tournament
San Jose, CA
Jul 02 Jul 18 $100 White-M
(S-132 CR-72.3)
(S-124 CR-70.4)
(Blue-M S-136 CR-73.1)
(Gold-M S-126 CR-69.9)


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