Course Map

2021 Tournament Schedule
Course Name Sign-up Playdate CostM Def. Tee W Def. Tee More teesSpecial Event Comments
Spring Valley
Milpitas, CA
Feb 12 Mar 06 $87 White-M
(S-111 CR-67.3)
(S-120 CR-72.5)
(Blue-M S-115 CR-68.5)
(Red-F S-116 CR-70.4)
(Blue/White-M S-114 CR-68.2)
(Silver-M S-102 CR-65)
Ray Anderson (one & only) design. Opened for play in 1956.
Coyote Creek Valley
San Jose, CA
Mar 03 Mar 20 $88 Gold-M
(S-127 CR-69.9)
(S-117 CR-69.8)
(Blue-M S-135 CR-74.4)
(White-M S-130 CR-71.9)
(White-F S-0 CR-0)
(White/Gold-M S-129 CR-70.8)
(Red-M S-118 CR-65.7)
AC4BALL Jack Nicklaus "Signature" design. Touchstone Golf Management
Laguna Seca
Monterey, CA
Mar 19 Apr 03 $73 White-M
(S-122 CR-67.9)
(S-122 CR-70.2)
(Blue-M S-126 CR-69.6)
(White-F S-130 CR-73.8)
(Black-M S-129 CR-70.2)
(Green-M S-120 CR-65.9)
(Red-M S-114 CR-62.4)
Robert Trent Jones Sr. Jr. design. Cart Extra $19
Poppy Ridge - Char/Zin
Livermore, CA
Apr 02 Apr 17 $99 White-M
(S-128 CR-70.2)
(S-126 CR-70.9)
(Blue-M S-132 CR-72.4)
(White-F S-135 CR-75.3)
(Black-M S-136 CR-74.3)
(Gold-M S-120 CR-66)
(White-Gold-M S-124 CR-68.5)
Rees Jones Design, NCGA Home Course
Rancho Solano
Fairfield, CA
Apr 16 May 01 $66 White-M
(S-126 CR-69.6)
(S-119 CR-69.5)
(Blue-M S-132 CR-71.6)
(Gold-M S-118 CR-67.7)
(White-F S-136 CR-75.7)
(Gold-F S-124 CR-72.7)
(Red-M S-112 CR-65.9)
Gary Roger Baird Design, KemperSports Mgmt, Includes Range Balls
Callippe Preserve
Pleasanton, CA
Apr 30 May 22 $95 White-M
(S-124 CR-69.7)
(S-131 CR-72.8)
(Blue-M S-129 CR-71.5)
(Black-M S-136 CR-73)
(Red-F S-118 CR-68.9)
(Yellow-Red-F S-124 CR-71.1)
(Yellow-M S-118 CR-67.9)
(Red-M S-109 CR-64.2)
Brian Costello Design, CourseCo Mgmt, Audobon Certified
Dayton Valley
Dayton, NV
May 19 Jun 05 $61 Regular-M
(S-115 CR-67.9)
(S-121 CR-68.5)
(Championship-M S-129 CR-71.4)
(Tournament-M S-131 CR-74)
(Combo-F S-128 CR-71.1)
(White-F S-128 CR-72.9)
(Combo-M S-123 CR-69.3)
(Silver-M S-107 CR-63.8)
2DAY Arnold Palmer Signature Course, Reno/Tahoe 2-Day Weekend
Reno, NV
May 19 Jun 06 $88 Lakeridge(Green)-M
(S-128 CR-69)
(S-121 CR-67)
(Jones(Gold)-M S-135 CR-72)
(Manna(Gray)-M S-119 CR-66.2)
(Lakeridge(Green)-F S-137 CR-73.9)
(Manna(Gray)-F S-127 CR-68.8)
(Nevada(Red)-M S-112 CR-64.6)
2DAY Robert Trent Jones, Sr. Design, 2-Day Reno/Tahoe Weekend
Monarch Bay
San Leandro, CA
Jun 02 Jun 19 $71 White-M
(S-124 CR-69.6)
(S-119 CR-69.8)
(Gold(Champ)-M S-128 CR-72.2)
(Black(Tourn)-M S-132 CR-73.8)
(Senior_Green-M S-114 CR-66.8)
(White-F S-132 CR-74.9)
(Red-F S-119 CR-69.8)
(Combo-M S-123 CR-71.1)
John Harbottle III redesign, American Golf Mgmt, Carts $16/player extra
Boundary Oak
Walnut Creek, CA
Jun 11 Jul 03 $75 White-M
(S-127 CR-70.9)
(S-122 CR-73.3)
(Blue-M S-130 CR-72.2)
(Black-M S-134 CR-73.8)
(White-F S-130 CR-76.8)
(Gold-M S-123 CR-67.7)
Robert Muir Graves Design
Santa Teresa
San Jose, CA
Jul 02 Jul 17 $76 Blue(old White)-M
(S-116 CR-68.7)
(S-118 CR-71.2)
(Black(old Blue)-M S-120 CR-70.7)
(Pro(old Black)-M S-122 CR-72.1)
(Blue(old White)-F S-125 CR-74.5)
(White-M S-107 CR-66.6)
"Local" George Santana Design, Cart $18/player extra
Las Positas Golf Course
Livermore, CA
Jul 14 Jul 31 $72 White-M
(S-124 CR-68.5)
(S-121 CR-70.3)
(Blue-M S-132 CR-70.8)
(Black-M S-136 CR-72.5)
(White-F S-127 CR-74.3)
(Red-M S-120 CR-66.4)
Robert Muir Graves Design, Includes Range Balls
Sunnyvale, CA
Jul 29 Aug 14 $63 White-M
(S-110 CR-67.9)
(S-118 CR-69.8)
(Black-M S-117 CR-70.1)
(White-F S-128 CR-73.1)
(Gold-M S-106 CR-65.4)
David W. Kent Design, Carts $16/player extra
Lone Tree Golf Course
Antioch, CA
Aug 13 Aug 28 $58 Green-M
(S-125 CR-70)
(S-116 CR-66.1)
(Blue-M S-126 CR-70.5)
(white-M S-121 CR-69.1)
(Gold-M S-119 CR-67.6)
(White-F S-133 CR-75.1)
(Gold-F S-130 CR-73.3)
(Red-F S-125 CR-71.5)
Bob E. Baldock Design, Include Range Balls, Carts $15/player extra
Lake Chabot Golf Club
Oakland, CA
Aug 27 Sep 11 $60 White-M
(S-115 CR-67.3)
(S-116 CR-70.1)
(Blue-M S-119 CR-69.3)
(Red-M S-111 CR-65.1)
(White-F S-123 CR-72.8)
Willie Loch 1923 Design, Touchstone Golf Mgmt
Aptos, CA
Sep 08 Sep 25 $72 Gold-M
(S-127 CR-68.8)
(S-129 CR-72.2)
(Black-M S-129 CR-69.7)
(Silver-M S-123 CR-67.4)
(Black-F S-134 CR-75.3)
(Gold-F S-132 CR-74.1)
Garret and David Gill Design, American Golf Mgmt, Carts $15/player extra
San Juan Oaks
Hollister, CA
Sep 22 Oct 09 $83 White-M
(S-129 CR-70.8)
(S-116 CR-68.7)
(Blue-M S-133 CR-72.3)
(Black-M S-139 CR-74)
(Gold-F S-133 CR-73.8)
(Gold-M S-121 CR-68.7)
(Red-M S-109 CR-63.8)
Fred Couples & Gene Bates Design
Mountain View, CA
Oct 06 Oct 23 $63 White-M
(S-121 CR-69.9)
(S-124 CR-71)
(Blue-M S-126 CR-72.3)
(Black-M S-129 CR-74.2)
(White-F S-134 CR-74.5)
(Red-M S-115 CR-66.9)
ToC Robert Trent Jones, Jr. Design, Touchstone Mgmt, End of Year Event, Carts $16/player extra