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Buy any or all of the remaining tournaments online!

This is the page where you can buy some or all of the remaining tournaments with PayPal. When you sign-up put any special requests in the PayPal notes field (ie. tee time, playing partners etc.) otherwise your requests will not be known! 

The cost to use PayPal is $3.00 per tournament.

Please note: The fee charged is not refundable after payment and the club will only be able to refund the payment less the fees kept by PayPal.

Course Name Sign-up Playdate CostM Def. Tee W Def. Tee More teesSpecial Event CommentsPayPal Cart Zelle
Los Lagos
San Jose, CA
Feb 11 Mar 05 $62 White-M
(S-111 CR-63.6)
(S-113 CR-68.1)
(Blue-M S-118 CR-65.6)
(Red-F S-109 CR-65.3)
Cart is $16/player. Brian Costello design.
Coyote Creek Valley
San Jose, CA
Mar 02 Mar 19 $88 Gold-M
(S-127 CR-69.9)
(S-117 CR-69.8)
(Blue-M S-135 CR-74.4)
(White-M S-130 CR-71.9)
(White-F S-0 CR-0)
(White/Gold-M S-129 CR-70.8)
(Red-M S-118 CR-65.7)
AC4BALL Pick your partner for 4-Ball Qualifier. Includes range balls.
Laguna Seca
Monterey, CA
Mar 18 Apr 02 $73 White-M
(S-122 CR-67.9)
(S-122 CR-70.2)
(Blue-M S-126 CR-69.6)
(White-F S-130 CR-73.8)
(Black-M S-129 CR-70.2)
(Green-M S-120 CR-65.9)
(Red-M S-114 CR-62.4)
Carts extra $19/player. Robert Trent Jones Sr./Jr. design.
Poppy Ridge - Zin/Mer
Livermore, CA
Mar 30 Apr 16 $103 White-M
(S-127 CR-70.7)
(S-134 CR-75.6)
(Blue-M S-133 CR-72.7)
(Gold-F S-123 CR-70.4)
(Black-M S-137 CR-74.5)
(Gold-M S-119 CR-65.8)
(White-Gold-M S-123 CR-68.2)
Includes range balls. Rees Jones design
Paradise Valley
Fairfield, CA
Apr 15 Apr 30 $66 White-M
(S-125 CR-71)
(S-133 CR-71.1)
(Blue-M S-129 CR-73.1)
(Black-M S-133 CR-74.1)
Carts extra $17/player. Includes range balls.